Welcome to the GREE Partners Fund

Where imagination and innovation score investments.

When navigating the mobile ecosystem, it's all about who you know. GREE knows games and we want the world to get to know you: developers driving the future of gaming.

GREE Partners Fund has $10 million committed to investing in and fostering your vision. Through equity investments of $1 million or more, we can make a major impact on helping you:

  • Grow. We recognize talent and proven experience. Let us further your team's potential to build even more great games, attract players, and increase revenue.
  • Launch. With dollars dedicated to marketing, we'll show you how to get the world to come play. Watch your passion translate into campaigns that maximize marketing efforts.
  • Succeed. By sharing what's made us profitable, we'll make sure you are, too. From resources to tools to analysis and proven strategies, you'll have access to our expertise at every stage.

Application Criteria
We value developers who have previously released a mobile game, know how to manage post-launch content and delivery, understand how to achieve free-to-play monetization, and are located in North or South America.

Do you qualify for the GREE Partners Fund? Fill out our form and see what develops.

Have a specific question? Contact us at partnersfund@gree.net.

This website is for informational purposes only and is not an offer, or solicitation of an offer, of any kind including but not limited to an offer to buy or sell securities.

GREE thanks you for your interest in the GREE Partners Fund.